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At Argonautica we believe that safety cannot be an exception when it comes to water sports. This is why we apply a multi-factor backups to minimise the chances of accidents during our events.

Our Safety System:

  • Safety Briefing

  • Safety Personal Flotation Devices

  • Water Confidence

  • Safety Boat

  • Ambulance

  • Trainings

  • What to Wear and Bring

  • Ground Rules

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Safety Briefing

We spend 45 minutes in the morning to brief participants on how to control the boat, and what to do in the event of a capsize.

We also refrain pregnant guests from participating, and those with medical history to bring along their medication.

Those with injuries should also identify themselves

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Personal Flotation Device

Usage of personal flotation devices (PFDs) are compulsory. Nobody will be allowed near the water without wearing one

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Water Confidence

All participants will be required to perform the Water Confidence Test by swimming a short distance with their PFDs equipped.

This is to identify those with hydrophobia, and those who cannot swim.

This helps us in the event of a capsize

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Safety Boat

A motorized safety boat will be in the vicinity at all times during lake practices and races.

In the event of a capsize, the boat can take up to 10 paddlers per trip.

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We have an ambulance on standby with a certified First Responder.

In the event of an emergency, it will take 9 minutes from Marina Putrajaya to Hospital Putrajaya

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Trained Personnel

Our coaches and steerers go through regular capsize drills and emergency drills.

This is to ensure we are all calm under any circumstances

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  1. Comfortable t-shirt and shorts / long pants that are suitable for physical outdoor activities

  2. DO NOT wear thick clothing. NO JEANS. Dry-fit material are recommended

  3. Wear sports sandals, slippers or water shoes. Sports shoes are not advisable


  1. Drinks are provided but you are recommended to bring additional water

  2. Sunblock, cap and sunglasses

  3. For those with health issues, please bring along your

    own medication

  4. Long hair are to be tied up

  5. Towel and a change of clothes


  1. If you plan to bring electronic devices, take extra care of them personally, as your facilitators will not be responsible for loss or damages

  2. Avoid wearing jewellery or watches as they could fall off and get water damage

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Safety and Ground Rules

  1. All participants are expected to be on time

  2. No smoking, drugs or alcohol allowed during event. Smoking is allowed only during break time at designated areas

  3. Take responsibility of your well-being. This includes getting sufficient food and sleep before event, and taking any prescribed medication on schedule

  4. Hydration is important. Always keep yourself hydrated with water or isotonic drinks

  5. Be responsible of the condition of the premises, and equipment provided

  6. Those who have heart conditions, pregnancy are strictly prohibited to participate in the event

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